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Short Notes on Immunisation 2018 - Dr Mark Burgin

11/04/18. Dr. Mark Burgin BM BCh (oxon) MRCGP considers the elements that should be included in a primer for clinical negligence cases involving Immunisation.

Immunisation guidelines are written with a population perspective but doctors also have a responsibility to immunise those at risk due to individual characteristics. (1) (2)

A patient who requests an immunisation and is refused and then suffers adverse effects from acquiring that infection is likely to have a case.

What if the patient has missed a Rubella immunisation as a child and asks for it as an adult and later the patient’s wife becomes infected and they have a deaf blind child?

What if the patient states they are traveling to Turkey and the doctor does not offer Hepatitis A and Typhoid and the patient dies of acute liver failure?

Ethical issues are at the heart of immunisation practice and the clinical negligence lawyer has the opportunity to change iniquities in medical practice...

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