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Short Notes on Suspected Abuse in Children 2018 - Dr Mark Burgin

26/02/18. Dr. Mark Burgin BM BCh (oxon) MRCGP considers the elements that should be included in a primer for clinical negligence cases involving suspected abuse in Children.

The child who has suffered suspected abuse evokes strong emotions in the carers but also the professionals managing their case.

A parent may be considered the perpetrator and the child may be so disabled that there is a question as to whether the other parent can manage the child’s disability.

Although this would normally be managed solely by the criminal team there is good reason why they should ask the clinical team for assistance.

The clinical negligence lawyer is in the best position to understand the medical issues in suspected abuse and how to resolve them using up to date approaches.


Absence of evidence

Assessing young children is difficult with communication problems making the consultation longer and because the child must be cooperative to elicit clinical signs.

There is often an absence of evidence with no history from the child, limited third hand evidence from the parents and observational type examinations from the professionals.

Missing evidence can lead to inconsistencies between reports and descriptions from the parents of the problems and this will lead to suggestions inter alia that the parents did not obtain proper care...

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