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The Most Common Personal Injuries in Texas and What to Do If You're Injured

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Personal injuries affect people of all ages throughout the U.S. While some personal injuries are common all over the nation, some injuries may be more prevalent in Texas due factors like climate and simply being a larger, more populous state.

Here’s a closer some of the most common types of personal injuries in Texas and some important steps to take if you’re injured.

Vehicle Accidents

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 254,853 people were injured in car accidents in Texas in 2017. There are numerous contributing factors in car accidents that result in injury.

Some of the most common factors include distracted driving, reckless driving (such as failure to yield or speeding) and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Since the weather in Texas is pleasant most of the year, it’s not uncommon to encounter ongoing road construction projects and traffic congestion.

Texas is also a popular state for festivals and other events where drinking is a favorite activity, which means that alcohol-related accidents are more likely to occur.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall injuries accidents result in various injuries in the workplace and in the public sector. Whether your job puts you at risk for slipping and falling or a business is at fault for your accident, the injuries can be minor strains and sprains or more serious like a traumatic brain injury.

Product Defects

Most of us have all purchased a product that was broken or didn’t work as it should. While some defective products pose no risk to our safety, others may cause injuries such as burns or falls, and in some cases, even fatal injuries

Dog Bites

It’s virtually impossible to know how many Texas households own at least dog, but the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that Texas has 7 million more dogs than other states. Dog bites can happen at any time, and it may be from a dog you know or a strange dog you encounter on the street.

Dog bites can result in a minor injury, but they can also be severe and fatal, particularly in younger children.

What to Do When Your Injured

The steps you take after you are injured are dependent on the nature of the injury, where it occurs, and the severity of your injury.

If you are injured at work, you should be protected by workers’ compensation insurance, so it’s important to follow all the steps of filling out paperwork and filing a claim with your employer.

An injury that occurs in the public sector, such as at the grocery store, typically requires different steps. You should speak to the manager in the store, and they are likely to have a specific protocol in place for accident-related injuries.

In all types of accidents, that result in a personal injury one of the most important things to do is document the incident and your injuries as soon as they occurred. Keep in mind that this may be more difficult if your injury prevents you from speaking or even remembering details accurately.

If you are able, collect contact information from any witnesses and document information as soon as you can as details may change over time. If you were injured and don’t take action, you may experience physical and mental pain long after the accident occured. Leaving it untreated or not seeking legal help may lead to long-term problems.

Regardless of your personal injury, it’s best to consult with Houston lawyers dealing with personal injury so they can take a look at the details of the accident and let you know if you have a claim.