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Trucking Accident Lawyer - How to Choose One

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Personal injury attorneys are not a dime a dozen, but it can seem that way. And if you show up with a potentially large settlement looming in the wings as is the case in a serious trucking accident, nearly every personal injury attorney you consult with will offer to take your case. Yet you can't afford to hire someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Here are a few tips on how to choose a trucking accident attorney in the USA.

Expertise in Your Type of Case


If an attorney focuses on medical malpractice, they'll have a network of expert witnesses and consulting nurses to provide essential input required to win your case. And such an attorney will be ill prepared to fight auto insurance companies and review police reports to determine contributing factors to a truck accident. This is why you want to hire a truck accident lawyer if you've been in an accident with a truck. You'll also want to hire a lawyer who regularly defends truck accidents if you're the driver involved in such a case.


How do you know someone has expertise with truck accident cases? Saying they handle such cases isn't good enough. Ask them how many such cases they handle in a given year. This gives you an idea as to the resources they have at their disposal. If they regularly handle truck accident cases, then you know that they'll probably be able to resolve yours as quickly as possible.



We've already explained why you want to find an attorney with experience in truck accidents. The ideal would be an attorney with a focused practice. However, you also want an attorney with experience with such cases. You can't afford to risk your attorney losing your case while they're learning how to handle truck accident cases.

Ask attorneys how much experience they have with truck accident cases. Also ask if the person you're talking to is the one handling the case. You don't want to talk to someone with two decades of experience who hands off your case to a recent law school graduate.


A Track Record of Success


Suppose you find an attorney who has handled truck accident cases for years. Ask how often they win their cases. This gives you a good general overview of their success rate. Then ask them how often then win cases like yours. Discuss the severity of your accident and the type of settlements that they arrange. Then do your research. You don't want to choose a truck accident lawyer who has a high success rate because they pressure clients into low ball settlements in order to get a quick win. You can take things one step farther by asking how often they win if things go to trial and how often it goes to trial.

Dedication to Accident Victims


Too many truck accident attorneys will take whatever case comes through their door. Ask the attorney how often they represent accident victims and how often they represent trucking companies. You don't want to have to worry about a potential conflict of interest on the attorney's part. Nor do you want to hire someone who has a high success rate but only on behalf of truckers.

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