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How much will hiring an expert accident lawyer cost you?

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In several car accident cases, it is the other party involved who deserves the blame. However, it is often difficult to prove the facts, and that commands the intervention of an accident lawyer. Many people are afraid of hiring lawyers after an accident since they fear the bills they will have to pay for the services of the legal teams.

How do accident lawyers charge their fee?

If an accident lawyer charged by the hour, his or her fee might have been more than the amount of the claims. Thankfully, most accident lawyers have a unique method of charging their fees. They do not go by the hourly rate that is ubiquitous for the lawyers of other specializations. They charge a contingency fee.

Car accidents lawyers usually do not receive any payment till the client recovers the money as damages. They charge a contingency fee that keeps their services affordable to most citizens of the US. In Baltimore, accidents are becoming relatively common and the good Samaritans are often finding it necessary to hire the services of reputed car accident lawyers. Since the law firm receives a percentage of the compensation or claims the client gets from the insurance settlement or court verdict, it has become comfortable for most individuals and families in the city to afford the legal counsel they need.

How does a contingency fee work?

A personal injury lawyer can get a fixed percentage of the settlement you receive from the guilty party or your insurance provider. It can be between 33% and 40% of the value of the compensation. Therefore, if your attorney fails to win the case and claim the damages, they cannot charge a fee from you. The exact percentage or fraction will depend on when you decide to settle. When you send a demand letter to the party at-fault, you can always ask for a certain amount as compensation. If they agree to pay exactly that or something similar, you can settle the case outside court. In that case, the lawyer's fees generally remain at a flat 33% of the compensation they have agreed to pay.

What determines the fee of an accident lawyer?

The percentage the lawyer charges can vary from one state to another. Apart from geographic locations, other facts like the reputation of the lawyer and the complications of the case can influence the contingency fee. The typical range is between 25% and 40%. Your accident attorney might charge a fee of 33.33% of the insurance claim you receive. For example – if you recover $100,000 after your car accident as damages, the contingency fee will exactly be $33,333.33 (or one-third of the damages).

Apart from the complication of the case and the other factors we have mentioned above, the response of the defendant to the lawsuit will also determine the percentage of the fee. In most cases, if there is an out-of-court settlement between the two parties involved, then the contingency fee is significantly low. However, if the insurance provider does not respond to the claims favorably or the refuses to pay outright, then the responsibility of the accident lawyer increases.

In situations where the case reaches the court, the research, and effort necessary are significantly more than that involved in out-of-court cases. However, if the case proceeds to court after the defendant responds with a formal answer, then the percentage is high. Building a strong case requires tons of paperwork, research, and evidence. The contingency fee for complex cases can go up to 40%.

What is the total cost of hiring a car accident lawyer?

The contingency fee is negotiable, and you should always speak with your accident lawyer about the payments he or she will charge during and after the case is over. Apart from the contingency fee, you might have to pay upfront court fees. You may also have to consider various litigation expenses including the cost of serving subpoenas, court filing, collecting medical records, hiring court reporters and paying the expert witness(es).

Paying contingency fees is easier than paying an hourly rate or a flat fee. If your lawyer loses the case, you don’t have to pay them anything at all! Since your car accident attorneys receive payment at the end of a winner case, they remain motivated throughout the entire case for the best settlement terms. It increases the client’s chances of winning.

The expenses you pay upfront, will depend upon the terms of the contract you sign. Therefore, do not be shy when the time comes to discuss the lawyer's fee and other expenses. Always ask about the additional costs specifically, even when then lawyer insists upon contingency fee only.

Do you need a car accident attorney?

How much are you expecting as compensation from the liable party or the insurance provider? Are you going to get an amount as small as $1000? 33.33% of that would be $333, and you will only have around $667, which is excluding the fuel prices you will have to pay driving back and forth to the lawyer's office and court. It is not even enough to cover the time a typical resolution takes. If your settlement is too small for a contingency fee, it is better to settle outside the court. A compensation as little as $1000 will not be enough to justify the effort a lawyer has to put in to win an accident claims case.

However, you can always step in for a free consultation session with an excellent Maryland lawyer. The first consultation is still free, and it will help you find out if you need to hire a professional attorney or it is possible to settle the matter outside court. Sometimes, you have better chances of getting proper compensation, if you can deal with the other party tactfully outside court. Speak with your accident lawyer immediately to find out how you can increase your chances of getting an adequate settlement without dragging matters to court?