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How to Hire Personal Injury Attorney Checklist

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Living and surviving serious injuries is not an easy feat. Aside from the drastic changes, you’ll have to make in your lifestyle, you also have to shell out a huge amount of money to pay for your medical bills and medicines, and exert time and effort in order to recover faster. If you’re the breadwinner, these injuries can become the reason why your family can suffer, too. Fortunately, hiring a personal injury attorney from Hershey Law can make things easier for you. Law firms which have trained and experienced attorneys can help you win a lawsuit which can result in the grand of financial assistance from your defendant.

There are a lot of personal injury attorneys working today. Regardless of where you’re living, the budget you’ll have for the trial and the details of the personal injury case, there will always be a handful of personal injury attorneys who fits your qualifications. However, because a personal injury lawyer plays a big role in your case, you should be careful about who to hire. Use the information below as your checklist so you’ll end up hiring a personal injury lawyer who can meet your expectations:

1.   The experience of the personal injury attorney is essential.

As mentioned, there are many personal injury attorneys who are offering different kinds of services today. While some tell you that they are the best in the industry, others will claim that they’re the cheapest. The price and quality of the personal injury attorney are important deciding factors, but these aren’t the only factors you should consider; you should also take time to assess the experience of the personal injury attorney. Most often than not, working with an experienced attorney will give you more leverage in winning the case. After all, these professionals might already deal with different kinds of personal injury cases, making it easy for them to provide solutions to your own case. The maxim that states “experience is the best teacher” still applies today even when dealing with legal matters.

2.   The reputation of the personal injury attorney can help set your expectations.

One of the reasons why people would opt to hire attorneys who have been in the industry for decades is because of their reputation. Attorneys who can continue working in the industry for years likely means that they’re able to satisfy a lot of clients from the services they provide. As the number of clients increase, so does the reputation of a personal injury attorney.

If you have a list of potential candidates, take time to do your homework and research about the attorney’s reputation. Do your friends and family recommend him or her? Did this attorney gain positive reviews online? How do past clients talk about this attorney? All of this information can give you an idea of how the personal injury attorney works and good his or her services are.

3.   The personality of the personal injury attorney is essential, too.

It’s typical for paying clients to weigh the price and quality of a product or service. For them, the product they buy should justify its price – the more expensive a product is, the more durable and useful it should be. Sure, you can do the same when you’re scouting for personal injury attorneys, but while you’re at it, you should never forget to look into the attorney’s personality.

Since you’ll be availing of legal services, expect that you and the attorney will need to spend time together. You need to thoroughly discuss the details of the case and any progress that the case makes over time. And you’ll only be able to succeed in your personal injury case if you’re actually comfortable and happy with the attorney you’re working with. If you work with someone who’s snobby and doesn’t have the people skills, it’ll be hard for you to open up as a client. Always pay attention to the personality of the attorney so you’ll avoid experiencing any of these. If possible, you and the attorney should be friends.

4.   The fees should be thoroughly discussed.

Hiring a personal injury attorney doesn’t come cheap; you’ll even have to break the bank so you can hire one. To ensure that you’ll not be buried in debts just because you hired a personal injury attorney, ask about the fees the moment you personally meet the attorney. If you know someone who has hired a personal injury attorney in the past, determine the fees that he or she paid and ask your personal injury attorney if these are applicable to your own case. You can even ask what possible factors could affect the cost of the legal services. In this way, you’ll know how much you should budget without compromising other aspects of your life. Preparing a budget ahead of time also ensures that you can finish the entire proceedings of the case.

5.   The person who will handle your case should be credible.

More prominent law firms usually have more than one attorney in the business. This kind of business employs a lot of attorneys to handle different legal problems of the clients. If you’re eyeing to hire an attorney from bigger law firms, always ask as to who will handle your case. You might really like the person you’re talking to during the consultation as he is professional and experienced in the industry but keep in mind that the law firm might assign another attorney to handle your case. To avoid any frustration, always ask as to who will handle your case. This should be one of the first questions you should ask to the law firm representative. If you’ll be working with another attorney, ask about his or her credentials. You can also inquire about the attorney’s track record and the law firm’s recruitment process.

6.   The communication used throughout the duration of the case is important.

Being involved in a personal injury case will require a lot of time. You will be requested to attend hearings every now and then while expressing your side of the story. Since all of your actions and statements can influence the final decision of the court, it’s important that you and the personal injury lawyer has constant communication. If this is still your first time to be involved in lawsuits, you might have a million questions on your head about the do’s and don’ts, and the attorney you hire should be able to answer all of these promptly. Additionally, the attorney should also update you for any movements in the case to ensure that both of you are on the same page

Communication will always be important when working a personal injury lawyer so make sure that you hire one which meets your demands and requirements. If you’re more comfortable in communicating via e-mails and personal meetings every week, the attorney should be amenable to your terms. The communication medium you and the attorney will use to contact each other should be clear from the start, so you’ll know when is the best time to contact the attorney and vice versa.

7.   The availability of the attorney should fit yours.

Sending e-mails or text messages back and forth might help you, and the attorney knows the updates of the case but expect that the two of you will also have to meet to discuss sensitive matters of the case. You’ll also need to meet in order to process any documents required by the court or the case itself. This is the reason why you should also ask about the availability of the attorney before hiring one. You should hire an attorney who makes an effort to meet you every time you need help with the case. 

8.   The personal injury attorney shouldn’t make any guarantees.

Hearing how soon an attorney can settle your case might seem like a plus factor. After all, you’ve paid for his or her legal services so you can get back on track the soonest time possible, right? But if you want to hire a personal injury attorney who is credible and reliable, you should opt for ones who don’t give any guarantees. A personal injury attorney who is exceptional in what they do will understand that there are a lot of factors involved in a case and predicting when all of these will be solved is near to impossible. An attorney should be able to give you honest opinions on the status of your case, and not just flower you with false promises.

Always Work With The Right People

No matter how tempting it can be, you shouldn’t handle a personal injury case on your own. This option might be cheap and fast, but it doesn’t guarantee any positive results. On the contrary, attempting to work on winning your personal injury case alone can even cause more harm than good. The law is always serious business which is why when you’re involved with it, always hire the right people for the job. Hiring them might come with a price, but their skills, training, and experience can go a long way for you to win your case; hiring a personal injury attorney can be a cost-effective solution to all of your problems brought by severe injuries.